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EMPIRE ARMS is a very well-known federally-licensed dealer of PHYSICALLY HAND-PICKED historical and collectable military rifles and handguns.    We have by EXTREMELY hard work built ourselves one of the best reputations of any milsurp firearm dealer in America and we intend to keep it that way!

We prefer to do business EXCLUSIVELY OVER THE INTERNET . We DO NOT publish a written catalogue or list. Much of our inventory is detailed on our web-pages, which are kept totally up-to-date in "real time", so if it is listed there (and NOT marked SOLD), then we still do have it in stock at this very moment.  

We no longer take inventory to sell at gun shows (we may have a table at shows only with the intention of buying from other attendees and vendors) and we no longer can (by local ordinance) have anyone "drop by" our physical office to inspect, look at, pick up or purchase anything from us.  EMPIRE ARMS sells only to Federal Firearms licensees (FFL, including those with a Curio & Relic FFL).  Non-licensees CAN purchase items from us, but they will have to be shipped to a dealer in your area for transfer to you (click HERE for details).

We prefer our web-pages be "quick-loading" with none of the really fancy graphics or photos that slows down access.  While some of the more obscure items are illustrated, most photos are made available as "links" rather than being crammed down your throat and slowing down your computer.

It's now been THIRTY-ONE wonderful years!

EMPIRE ARMS has been "on the web" since its infancy in early 1993, and in fact were one of the VERY FIRST firearm dealers to utilize the internet as a primary platform.    We are not some "Johnnie come lately" company. . .  we ACTUALLY KNOW how the internet works and have customer satisfaction as our #1 priority!   You will be VERY HAPPY that you found us and you WILL tell others! 

EMPIRE ARMS is a member in good standing (with an A+ rating) of the Better Business Bureau.

Our OFFICE IS STAFFED from 10AM to 7PM Eastern Time Tuesdays thru Fridays , though we may be closed on Friday afternoons due to one of us traveling to a show.  We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and EVERY MONDAY without fail.  Feel free to call us after office hours if you have something you would like to discuss or a question and you might get lucky but you will most likely get a machine. We are always kept MUCH busier than we would like to be.

We greatly prefer e-mail correspondence , however if you have a whole bunch of questions please call us rather than email, since it takes much less time to talk than it does type (at least for me, anyway) .

ALL ORDERS must be emailed to us with as much detailed information as possible (don't forget to include your name & address)... 
We *DO NOT* (never have, never will)  accept phone-orders!

We are very experienced specialists in Mauser rifles (especially the excellent Swedish, German, and more unusual variants), British, Canadian, Australian, Indian and U.S.-made Enfields, and Finnish, French, Russian and Soviet-bloc Mosin-Nagant and other military small arms in only the best possible condition. We also deal in collectible military handguns on a somewhat lesser scale. 

We DO NOT deal in so-called "assault weapons" at all (never have, never will) and we do not buy or sell modern commercial handguns, shotguns, or rifles either. 

Our specialty is firearms that were actually issued to a soldier of any country 1880-1960 and little else.

Our knowledge of U.S.-issue military firearms (Springfields, Garands, M1 Carbines, Colt 1911's, etc.) is pretty good but not as vast as far as the "minutiae" goes, and we consider the market for these items to be artificially high and the sellers usually think their stuff is worth a lot more than we do.  When we do offer them for sale these items usually do not last very long (only a few days at most). 

We do NOT deal in gun-parts or junk firearms. We buy only complete, non-sporterized shootable military firearms with excellent or better bores (and usually with all-matching serial numbers if possible) in the finest obtainable condition. Most of our firearms are cleaned (but not refinished), inspected in detail (including checking for correct headspace) before they are offered for sale. Our customer satisfaction rate is always very close to 100% (unfortunately, there are a few people in this world that are not happy no matter what).

Our return policy allows the buyer a three (3) day inspection period, during which you may return any unfired firearm purchased from us for any or no reason whatsoever for a full refund less shipping both ways and a 3.5% restocking-fee if paid for with a credit card.  After three (3) days in your hands (or your dealer-agents hands)... you own it.  If you shot it, you bought it. Period.

We do not buy or sell modern commercial firearms (or military weapons made since 1960 or so) and have not bought or sold ammunition for ANY firearm in over twenty years. 

All Federal, state and local laws and/or requirements will (of course) be STRICTLY observed.

We will not ship a C&R or modern firearm to anyone who does not have a Federal Firearm license... period!

See our TERMS OF SALE page for much more specific details on our operation

There is no such thing as a stupid question! Please feel free to e-mail or call us for advice (however if you have a bunch of questions, stupid or not, please call us for advice rather than e-mailing... we don't type so good).

*ALL* orders must be either e-mailed, FAXed or snail-mailed to us


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Our current published inventory:
(all subject to prior sale, our pages updated continually)


Since 1995 (over two decades!) EMPIRE ARMS has maintained an E-MAIL LIST which offers our new purchases to our mailing-list customers only (with which we usually sell 80-90% or more in the 24 hours they are active).  Our future plans with this mailing-list service include many other features which we hope will be of interest to all collectors of Military Firearms (no SPAM, we promise).  To get on our confidential mailing-list click the following link:

"New Stuff" list signup

Oct. 2018 UPDATE:  We have just switched mailing-list servers, and are now using CONSTANT CONTACT to send out our "New Stuff" emails.  They seriously ROCK, but some servers (especially cox.net & juno.com) block their emails (wrongly thinking they are SPAM) so we suggest you sign up with a different provider if you wish to receive these offerings.


Dusty old helmet, rusty old gun,
They sit in the corner and wait -
Two souvenirs of the Second World War
That have withstood the time, and the hate.

Mute witness to a time of much trouble.
Where kill or be killed was the law -
Were these implements used with high honor?
What was the glory they saw?

Many times I've wanted to ask them -
And now that we're here all alone,
Relics all three of a long ago war -
Where has freedom gone?

Freedom flies in your heart like an eagle.
Let it soar with the winds high above
Among the spirits of soldiers now sleeping,
Guard it with care and with love.

I salute my old friends in the corner,
I agree with all they have said -
And if the moment of truth comes tomorrow,
I'll be free, or By God, I'll be dead!

above poem by
Audie Murphy (192
recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor
cowboy, movie star, poet, patriot, & my personal friend

God Bless you Audie, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Dennis Kroh and Finnish sniper Simo Häyhä, 2001

fearless leader

95 Seminole Ave    Ormond Beach, FL 32176    (386) 677-7314
click HERE to email us: kroh@empirearms.com

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